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Ben Clark || Documentary || My Rode Reel 2021 Entry

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This 3 minute documentary touches the surface of the journey Ben Clark, an aspiring Olympian undertook when his World was completely turned upside down after a fateful accident left him in a wheel chair as a quadriplegic.

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My Rode Reel 2021

Ben and I are wanting to create a full length documentary that takes a look at some of the key moments in his life that got him to where he is now.

Full length documentaries can take years to produce especially as we both have full time jobs that demand a lot of our attention but, the My Rode Reel competition is a good way to force us into action!

This year I wanted to blend the line between my professional and personal work and start to create the content and structure I'll need for the full length version.

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The Team

Ben Clark
This is his story

Ben’s story shows the power of motivation. From training for the Olympics, to finding a new passion in helping others and growing it from strength to strength.

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Henry Cakebread
Producer | Camera | Editing

A filmmaker from Poole, Dorset who has aspirations to make documentaries a full time career one day...until then...passion projects for the win!

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Watch the Behind the scenes HERE

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Alice Heaton
Ben's Girlfriend

Alice and Ben have travelled the World together, moved to London together and help each other stay positive, motivated and chasing their dreams every single day!

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Chloe Palmer
BTS Camera | Photography

A photographer from Poole who specialises in wedding and family shoots because she loves to capture the moment. Her photos and videos helped to capture the process of making this short documentary.