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I am a professional video editor and camera operator who built my career through experience and passion.  My interest in video production started with filming and editing BMX as I was growing up.  I then progressed to University where I dedicated my time to studying and taking apart the editing softwares from Final Cut Pro 7 to After Effects and Photoshop.  Taking what I learnt I was thrown head first into a feature film production where I worked as the DIT.  My responsibly was to make sure all the footage filmed on each camera was transferred to a hard drive and backed up on a second hard drive.  Whilst working on this film I progressed from DIT to editors assistant during the post-production stages of the film and I even got a couple of my visual effects in the final product.


Following the end of the film production I advanced on to work for 4 years at Silverstream TV.  Now, this was fast paced work.  Here, I was trained to be a fast and time effective editor as well as a profesional camera operator.  From turning around highlights within the span of an awards ceremony, to creating live interviews and highlights for a variety of different marketing campaigns in one day at exhibitions.  There was little time for mistakes and learning and I had to know exactly how my edit system worked without thought.


After 4 years I transitioned from Silverstream TV to pursue my passion project of an adventure film following a BMX rider and photographer as they traveled Australia.  Here I was able to devote my professional experience into creating my own film.  I was able to learn and increase my knowledge of softwares such as After Effects, Davinci Resolve and Photoshop.

Whilst working on my film, I carried on working as an industry professional as a freelancer.  This allowed me to work with a variety of different production companies and project scales from supporting local businesses to films and tv shows.  However, as I finished my short film, I met the Rich Interactive crew who's passion behind telling stories in customer testimonial videos got me excited to work as a team again and further my knowledge of story structures.

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