3 Continent Collaboration (3CC)

3cC is a way that me and two of my childhood friends can collaborate on a creative project from across the Globe.  We started this project back in 2019 when we hadn't seen each other for quite some time as we'd all moved to different Countries.  Currently, I live in England, Wayne lives in Australia and Ritchie lives in Mozambique.

The project is always started by one of us cutting name cards to music and creating a list of challenges for us to do for some of those sections where our names appear.  This is then sent to the other two collaborators without the music so we have no idea how the project is going to come together!


Usually around a month and a bit later, we send our timelines back to the original creator who assembles all our clips together and we can watch the full video come to life!

We love doing this because we can see the differences and similarities of our day to day lives from so far away, push each other to be creative and just have an excuse to make videos together!

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