Preview of old work

Hello, here is a preview of some of the projects I've made in the past.

 A lot of my full-time work is usually for clients where the videos are private, played within their own video platform or played at events.


For this reason, I can only show some of my older work from before I returned to full-time employment as a video editor.

All though, I have managed to find this one that I edited for Dr Martens and Microsoft with my current employer, Rich Interactive.


Usually, I have passion projects I'm working on but I'm focusing on Documentaries now and they take a bit longer to create so I won't have anything to show from them until mid October.

I hope you enjoy what you see here and if there are any further questions, please feel free to drop me an email me:

Reflex x ATP
Social Clip
Camera and Editing

Editing with stock and stock animation but changing it to the clients brand colours and editing it to the music

GT Seriously Fixed
How To
Editing and voice over recording

The Kingfisher
Personal Project
A personal project but it shows some of my more recent camera work

An oldie but a Goldie
Personal Project
All of it! 
If you have 14 minutes spare and would like to see some BMX action as well as an epic adventure around Australia, why not grab a cup of tea and sit back and play this.

It should hopefully show more of my editorial and camera work.

Full Film

Social Clip