Wareham Forest with Ben Clark

Ben and I took a trip to Wareham Forest before Christmas to play around with his new Mountain Trike and my new camera, the glorious Sony A7S3!

We set off from the car park avoiding the puddles that had turned into lakes and headed to the look out point. It was fascinating watching Ben use his new chair as it operated with arms and levers instead of just pushing the wheels via grips on the side.

Once he'd got comfortable using it, I decided to take him to the first of many hills we'd encounter on our adventure! It was perhaps the steepest of all but like a band aid...better to rip it off and get it over with quick! Slowly but surely we edged down the hill with me running off into the undergrowth to get a shot of Ben managing the hill on his own, then, running back out if he needed a little hand when it got a little too steep.

After the hill we just tour around getting shots of him racing through puddles, going down hills and doing skids on the gravel!

Whilst doing all of this I experimented with my new camera further by trying the auto tracking focus with shallow depth of fields and I shot everything in 4K for me to reframe in post-production.

At the end of the day it was a very successful trip with me being absolutely stoked on the capabilities of my new camera and Ben was stoked on how he was able to tackle the rough terrain easily in his mountain trike!

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