TWWS Ep07 || The Kingfisher

If you'd asked me 5 years ago if I'd wake up at 4:30am to go film and photograph a kingfisher, I'd have told you to jog on! BMX WAS LIFE!

Fast forward to today and my alarm was blaring at 4:30am. My first thoughts were,

"Why am I doing this,

Who's going to care,

Just go back to sleep!"

But, I forced those thoughts aside in favour of just getting on with it!

At 5:30am the roads are silent except for the odd van or car taking someone to work. The glorious sunrise kept me motivated though as I headed towards Stour Valley.

I parked up and started to follow the directions I'd received from a fellow photographer who'd captured some great shots of the kingfisher before.

As I wandered up to the side of the river and got my camera out to film shots for my Youtube video I noticed the sheer volume of the bird songs at this time of day and then, as I started my first establishing shot at the river bank, I saw it, perched on a branch perfectly designed for him, was the kingfisher!

I couldn't believe it! I thought I'd have to wait for hours but here I was, not 30 seconds in, looking at the kingfisher! However, I was only filming on my old camera. Not my new one with all the bells and whistles. So, I feverishly got my Sony A7S3 out and set it up on my tripod.

The fear that I wouldn't see him again gradually started to build. I'd spent all that time setting up my A7S3 camera and bought a new, faster card to be able to capture the kingfisher at 4K 100fps. But as time ticked by, I was wondering if it was going to have been worth it...but...10 minutes later...HE WAS BACK!

Stour Valley || Henry Cakebread || 14.05.21 || @henrycakebread

I set my camera to record the video and grabbed Chloes Sony A7II to get photos and started snapping away! When he left, I jumped straight into the previews and found a shot I was stoked on!

I couldn't believe it. I'd captured an animal I'd only known as being incredibly rare for the most part of my life! Having caught the shot within 15 minutes I decided to move closer and try and get a shot with more detail of the kingfisher.

It took 40 minutes for him to return but sure enough, he came back and I just kept snapping away! By this time it was a more human time of day and I was filled with so much excitement that I started to send photos of the back fo the camera to friends and family!

Stour Valley || Henry Cakebread || 14.05.21 || @henrycakebread

After capturing him a couple more times, including a live reaction of me capturing him when I was filming some last minute BRoll, it was time to head home!

It may have been the take away coffee I had on the way home but when I got back home before 9am, I was bouncing off the walls with excitement and showing Chloe all the photos and footage I'd much so that I managed to persuade her to brave the 4:30am wake up too!

So, a week and a half later, we were both sat at the river bank early in the morning waiting for the kingfisher to return....and return he did!

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