The Bucket List || Shots I want to capture in 2021

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

2021 is here and we've finally moved into our new house! It's taken a long time and a lot of hard work and dedication to get moved in with a lot of hurdles along the way but, it's finally happened!

So, while we're spending most of our time sorting and tidying and planning what we want to do with it, we haven't had much time to head out and film and photograph. So, this episode is slightly different to normal, and is more of a way I can show you the types of footage I want to get this year using some very talented photographers for inspiration.

There's so many more photographers that are inspiring me to get out and film more landscapes and wildlife but then you'd have a 2 hour film to watch instead of 3 minutes!

The main 3 that have caught my eye for the last couple of months are Tom Ormerod, a gentleman who goes by the handle B L ∆ C K C R ∆ G and a my current favourite, Aarzoo Khurana who is just constantly capturing incredible shots of wildlife!


p.s. I am so sorry if I pronounced your names wrong!

Tom Ormerod



B L ∆ C K C R ∆ G

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Aarzoo Khurana

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