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I discovered a passion for Photography after I'd grown up painting and drawing and it would be the catalyst for my career into video production.

When I was at University I gave up Photography in favour of learning film making and only returned to it as a way to experiment with VFX compositing for my final project. It ended up being one of my favourite projects as I had a physical print that represented my time at University and it had allowed me to discover ways of compositing I would have never dreamed of....however, it wasn't received by my lecturers in the same excitement I had for it...quite the opposite and when I asked why I received the answer "You're a video guy, you should've stuck to video!"

I tried to explain that it was a way for me to experiment intensively with VFX without having to take time to motion track and keyframe it with the limited knowledge I had.

Those words "You're a video guy, you should've stuck to video" have stuck with me ever since.

In true form I like to prove people wrong who don't believe in what I'm doing and I continued to push my photography. My career was video but my hobby would be photography and I try to take my camera everywhere. Through this I discovered that quality of the photograph was better than the quantity to the point where I went from taking thousands of photographs around Australia to only taking 1 or 2 when I go out now.

Which leads me to the last couple weekends. On the first weekend I was asked to help a friend with a little video project. I'm stoked with the outcome but I remember feeling clunky whilst filming it as I tried to get my head back into the filming mindset.

The second two weekends I took a couple photos whilst on walks and cycling trips. I like a couple of the photos but when I edit them I just haven't got that some excitement I get when I edit video and end up over editing or distorting the colour just to play around with it.

So that leads me to, I need to recognise that I need to get filming again. I need to dust off my filming skills I picked up while working in the industry for so long and get that confidence I used to have with it and improve it! So it is time to put Photography on hold and start trying to make small video sequences from my Weekend Adventures!

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