Giving it a go!

I've wanted to make a video where I reach out from a photo on my computer through the screen to pick something up off the desk and bring it back into the computer for awhile now. To test the waters with it I decided to try a photo version first.

The only two photographs I needed for this was one of my desk with the photo on screen that I'll be reaching out of and a photo of me taking a selfie against a green screen.

I then brought these two photos into Photoshop where I took away the green and moved me into the right didn't work...

I then took a different photo of my screen....that didn't the 4th photo I had a photo that I thought would kind of work but it looked far better in my head than it did in reality.

I definitely learnt that doing creative ideas for video is definitely worth trying in photo form first! I think when I come round to try this effect again I'll position it straight on rather than at an angle. I'll also make sure that there is more room on screen for me to pop out of.

#Photoshop #HenryCakebread #Editing

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