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Something I always talk about is ingest. Ingest is where you bring everything off of the card/media you've been recording on and store it on a hard drive, Naz, Server, where ever!

This isn't a glamorous part of the editing process but it's a valuable step to do right as it can help with efficiency and problems that could arise later on!

The number one thing I come across with most consumer cameras is they record video using a file name of C0001. Then, when you swap out the card this, the camera reverts back to C0001 so you end up with ten's or hundreds of clips all with the same name!

This can be quite stressful if you're moving a project or trying to re-link footage so what I try to do every time I ingest is batch rename the clips to a clip code of my choosing.

This clip code can be anything you want as long as it makes each clip have its own individual name and you can use it to find it fast.

My system of choice for this at the moment is Adobe Bridge so, without further ado, feel free to check out the video below where I walk you through the process I do.

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