3cC - Volume 3!

“This project is created by three childhood friends who currently live on different continents but are all still driven by creativity.  This project allows us to collaborate even though we're thousands of miles away from each other.  Each person takes a turn at cutting together name cards against a music track.  This edit is then sent out to the other two collaborators without the music track to then fill in their allocated name cards with footage.  At the end of the month each collaborator sends their completed timeline into the lead who assembles the final film.”

For this round of the project I was the lead.  For inspiration I turned to “One Strange Rock” which was full of life, animals and underlying meanings.  I took out of the programme the life cycle in nature.  I liked that it showed how Earth came about and grew into the planet we know now thanks to things like fire and water.  So, for me to create something a bit different, I pulled together some songs from Artlist and broke my video into 4 sections:


Earth represents life as we know it or life as it was.


The destructive force that creates change.


The ingredient for all life on Earth.  Without water there is no life so this substance that we take forgranted is actually a very powerful ingredient for growth in nature.


Here I wanted to show that after all this destruction and growth, we come to a new equilibrium of life.

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