3cC - Round 1!

This was an interesting project proposed to me and Ritchie Hunt by our friend Wayne Maggs.  With all three of us living in different parts of the World, he thought it'd be brilliant if we could collaborate on a project.

The plan was for Wayne to cut up a sequence giving space for each of us to put our clips in.  He'd then sent the Premiere Pro project out to each of us with title cards for our sections.  We'd then fill these sections in throughout the month with clips of what we were getting up to.

At the end of it we all sent our timelines to Wayne to bring together and export.  Only then did we see what each of us had been doing.

This project could have gone two ways, either it would've looked completely out of place with such a variety of Countries and location or, it could be fantastic showing that even though we are Countries a part, we're still living exciting lives and filling them with adventure.  I feel we did the later but have a watch and I'll let you decide for yourself.

Now, we have plans to progress this idea and do more! 

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