Before anything, I used to be an illustrator and painter on canvas.  Second, I was a photographer which is what inevitably lead me towards video and film.  Now, I get to enjoy taking photographs with my talented partner, Chloe Palmer.  We try to get out and photograph different places around the Country and when we traveled Australia, but we also enjoy experimenting with our own little studio setup at home.


Here are just some of the photos for you to enjoy taken by both me and Chloe!

Neon Light Experiment| 10/05/2020

For this batch of photographs I wanted to experiment with different coloured gels on my lights.  I'd seen loads of cool pictures where photographers utilise these filters on Instagram and for something like £15 I got a set of my own for us to experiment with.

Australia| 01/07/2017 - 31/01/2018

These photographs may be a couple years old now but they're still some of my favourites.  Chloe and I took a lot of these photos together as we traveled the great Outback of Australia in a van with my BMX.  It helps that the Country is so beautiful and filled with incredible places but we both definitely learnt a lot whilst on this road trip about capturing landscapes.

Portraits| 10/05/2020

When lock down first started in England, we needed to find something to do at the weekends that wasn't going out.  So, I thought to start with I'd work on improving my lighting setup and start looking at how to properly paint with light rather than just setting up my usual "interview" style setup.

Scotland| 17/07/2019 - 22/07/19

Last year I got to drive around Scotland with a group of friends looking and stopping at all the places that I've only driven to.  I also got to play the tour guide and show my friends places that I knew so well after years of visiting my Gran up there.  Scotland is an incredible place with beautiful mountains and incredible Locks and definitely somewhere I want to visit even more!  I definitely took more video than photo so enjoy them too!