Kit List


Editing Gear

Here is a list of the equipment and softwares I use for editing all my creative creations.  Some of these I have added links to, just incase you fancy treating yourself to some new equipment or fancy updating the equipment you already have! 

MacBook Pro

I have used MacBook Pro's since I studied Media at University and throughout my professional working life.  They may come with a bit more of a price tag compared to a PC but I really enjoy the speed and ease of setting them up.  With their slim and light design they're also perfect for traveling where you need to pack as much kit as possible into your over head baggage.  Mine has come with me as far as India, China and all across Australia.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

These headphones are fantastic!  The sound is always clear, clean and has a lot more depth than a lot of headphones I have used especially at this price point.  They're comfortable to wear over long periods of time and fold up nicely into their protective case for when you're traveling.


It took me a long while to persuade myself this was a valuable investment but upon getting it I have found so many uses for it and it has become an integral part of my editing workflow.  It has aided in my ability to rotoscope, illustrate, colour grade and much more.  With the pen pressure I am able to work my masks in Photoshop with much more precision.


I always used to struggle to find quality copyright free music until I was recommended Artlist.  It has a whole variety of music from different genres and you are free to use the tracks in any media work you may need it for without paying any extra.  Another advantage of getting Artlist via this link is both you and I will get an extra 2 months of Artlist for free!


Camera Gear

Like anyone, I enjoy getting new equipment to improve the quality of my filming or photography.  Here is a list of the current equipment I use for my productions.  If you fancy treating yourself to any of them I have attached links for you to invest in them on Amazon.

Sony A7ii

I have worked with Sony FS7's and the Sony PMW range throughout my professional career as a camera operator but for my personal projects, I can't quite justify those costs.  Instead, I love Sony's Alpha range!  I currently have 2 cameras including this Sony A7R2 which is a full-frame camera that shoots at an incredible quality for what it is.  I really enjoy the ergonomics and the menus on the Sony Alpha range and have used them in a variety of different film and photographic projects.

Sony 50mm Lens

As well as the zoom lens I also have a 50mm prime for shooting interviews.  With it's silky smooth depth of field at F1.8 I'm able to have lovely backgrounds behind the interviewee.  It does mean I have to be sharper on the focus pulling during the interview but it certainly is worth it.

Manfrotto Monopod

When traveling Australia, this monopod worked perfectly as a lightweight way to help keep my shots stabile.  I could extend it to have a quick tripod or, I could tuck it up against my arm and chest to hold a stabler centre of balance for my camera.  And for £15, it's a cost effective way to keep your shots stabilised as well!

RØDE Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone

I really like the way that cavalier microphones can concentrate on the interviewees voice rather than picking up a lot of background noise.  I have used the RØDE mics for the last couple years and have had no problems with them except paying attention to the difference between TRRS and TRS.  This was simply fixed by getting adaptors so I can plug these mics into either my phone or professional grade recording devices.

Neewer Dimmable Bi-Colour LED Lights

Other than having a good camera and good sound, lighting is a very important part of film making to make your shots look professional.  These LED lights are a perfect budget set of lights as I'm able to adjust the brightness and the white balance to match any lighting already in the scene or to paint a shot how I want.

SmallRig Cage and Handle

Now if you don't have the chance to do multiple takes on a. shot, I also have a hand held rig.  I have a cage to hold the camera that I can also attach things like external monitors and microphones but also,  a very lovely wooden handle.  This handle helps keep the camera stable in my hand and helps me to have my left hand free for focus pulling and zooming.

Peak Design Camera Clip and Straps

I like to switch between shooting video and photographs pretty quickly.  I always struggled with having to take the neck strap on and off for when I had the camera on the tripod for shooting video.  Then I discovered these clips which have been ideal for taking the strap on and off quickly.  They also feel far more safe and secure compared to a lot of other clips on the market.

SD Card 64GB

I have quite a lot of SD Cards so I never run out of space while on a shoot or filming abroad.  These tend to do me well and are now at a really good price! However, with faster cameras that record more information with video, you may need to upgrade your cards to faster ones.

K&F Concept Camera Backpack

This backpack has been perfect over the years for both my editing and camera needs.  I've been able to use it for when I was traveling with all my editorial equipment including hard drives, laptops, power supplies and all the adaptors, cables and stock I needed.  Then it also works perfectly as a lightweight backpack for my camera equipment, small lights and sound equipment for those weekend adventures!


Here are a couple extra things that I have to help make working a little funner and easier.

Amazon Alexa

This speaker is perfect for having in the background playing music while I'm editing.  I can control Spotify on it from my desktop but if I have my hands full I can speak to it to get it to stop, play music or the radio and even run timers for me.  

I really struggle with coding, but content creation I can do!  So when I came across Wix where I could build a professional website quickly, efficiently and with all the quirks of a very expensive website...iI got stuck in!  I was expecting to have to pay thousands when I first started looking at getting my website built and I wanted to build it quickly as I had just jumped both feet into freelance.  I ended up making my first website in just under 2 days!  Since then I've been able to progress my website with a live chat bot that allows visitors to directly contact me, a blog and even membership panel! I  also have my own unique email and website URL all for just under £200!


Here's a breakdown of what it costs:

£122.40 = Premium Plan Unlimited (Per Year)

£21.60 = Domain (For 3 Years)

£66.62 = Mailbox (Per Year)