AMS - Logo Design


How did this logo come about?

Adam Stockley was on the verge of launching his new business.  He wanted to use his skills of CV and cover letter writing and his growing knowledge of LinkedIn to help others boost their profiles to get those sort after call backs.

Adam knew that he needed to create an iconic brand to help him stand out from the crowd and a logo to do this.  So, we got together to discuss how I'd be able to help guide him on this journey from idea to realisation.

The Drawing Board

We discussed in length what his business was, it's target audience and where he wants to grow it.  This way I was able to fully understand what exactly he needed from the logo.

With Adam's business in mind, I asked him to send me any logos, colours, fonts and images that caught his eye that'd help me create a logo that would suite him.  Throughout this process Adam supplied me with rough mock-ups that I could quickly mimic using the colours and fonts that we'd previously discussed.  This process allowed us to work efficiently without hold ups or delays even though we were both working remotely.  Once we'd chosen three of our favourites we offered them up to a small focus group.

Cogs and a Pencil


With the focus group unanimously picking one of the designs, I set about fine-tuning and tweaking the design until it was a clear and clean logo.  I was then able to supply Adam with a variety of colour ways, resolutions and styles depending on what online platform it was for.  Supplying Adam with the varieties of the logo allowed him to upload them across all his social media platforms without delay as soon as he'd downloaded the package.

And now...

Since receiving the package with all Adam's logo assets, he has launched across Facebook and Instagram.  He has been able to use the supplied logos to create bespoke images for his posts and stories to build awareness for what he has to offer.

"When starting out my own business I used Henry’s freelancing service to create a logo, icon and banner etc for social media. Not only did he give me a clear and precise idea, he went above and beyond in creating the logo for several different uses whether this was for LinkedIn, Facebook, invoices and content. Not only this but Henry did this in less than 24 hours. Without a shadow of a doubt I would recommend and use Henry in the future whether it was for a simple logo or a video edit."

- Adam Stockley (LinkedIn Review 01/08/19)