Welcome to my creative outlet!

Hello, I'm a professional video editor based in Dorset, England.

However, I don't limit my creativity to my professional work only and spend a lot of my free time improving my skills as a camera operator, editor and filmmaker. 

I am very lucky to have the beautiful Dorset coast and nature reserves so close to me and have ambitions of capturing as much as possible while we are unable to travel to other Countries.

So, feel free to join me as I experiment with different video series projects, personal projects and just generally try and improve my creative skillsets.


If you're locally based and want to network together then feel free to contact me on my socials or using the email below:

Instagram: @HenryCakebread

Youtube: @HenryCakebread

Facebook: @HenryCakebreadCreative

Email: henry@henrycakebread.co.uk